Yesterday I released v3.1.0a1 of the REUSE tool. It is an alpha release for the soon-to-be-released REUSE Specification v3.2, which can be found in its current state at this link.

The biggest change is the introduction of REUSE.toml, a configuration file that replaces the soft-deprecated .reuse/dep5. This configuration file allows you to declare the copyright and licensing of files (and globs of files) relative to the file. The important distinctions from .reuse/dep5 are:

Because this is an alpha release, the accompanying documentation is not yet easily discoverable, but it is (in the process of being) written. Below some links:

The purpose of the alpha release is to collect feedback on the newly implemented (and defined) REUSE.toml. If you have some spare time to take a look at this, you can convert your .reuse/dep5 file to REUSE.toml using reuse convert-dep5, and you can e-mail me at, write to, or create issues against the reuse-tool or reuse-website repositories. (Some day soon I’ll finally be able to move those repositories away from GitHub, inshallah.)

In the near future, after this is properly released, I want to look at creating a lint-file command for linting individual files instead of the entire repository (for better pre-commit integration), and I want to see if I can create a pre-commit hook that automagically adds REUSE information to touched files.