I recently changed up my blog’s theme. I previously used beautifulhugo, and now I use hugo-pure. The whole thing’s a touch more basic, but I’ve not lost any important features. Multi-language supports works (although it has been ages since I posted in Esperanto), and posts display just fine.

The most important thing I changed from the hugo-pure theme is the text colour: my black text is #000 instead of some dark grey. I really dislike dark greys as text.

The rationale for the change is a decreased footprint. It’s a bit senseless to transfer an entire megabyte of data just to read some text. As an added benefit, this new theme has no JavaScript whatsoever. The bundled (minified) CSS is still a bit on the bulky side, but I’m not enough of a designer to dare tackle that problem.

Anyway, good stuff, new blog theme. I wish more of the web was just text.

Update (2024-05-30): I’ve changed the text colour to #111 after doing some research. It’s dark enough to satisfy my dislike for grey texts, and bright enough to satisfy all the UX people on the internet who say never to use black text. The original #434343 was a touch silly, though.