On-and-off over the past few months I wrote a new tool called Protokolo. I wrote earlier about how I implemented internationalisation for this project. This blog post is a simple and short introduction to the tool.

Protokolo—Esperanto for ‘report’ or ‘minutes’—is a change log generator. It solves a very simple (albeit annoying) problem space at the intersection of change logs and version control systems:

Protokolo gets rid of the above problems by having the user create a separate file for each change log fragment (think: one new file per merge request). Then, just before release, all the files get concatenated into a new section in CHANGELOG.

This idea is not exactly new. Towncrier does the same thing. Protokolo is only different in some of the implementation details.

The documentation of Protokolo is—I think—excellent and comprehensive. To prevent myself from repeating things in this blog post, I recommend reading the documentation for a usage guide.

Barring some improvements I want to do to Click and internationalisation, I think the project is finished, insofar as software projects are ever finished. And that’s pretty cool! I should finish software projects more often.